Sunday, December 27, 2009

experience when creating this blog

It was quite hard in the beginning as this is my first time creating a blog. However, it was easy as the instructions were clear and easy to understand. I agree that blogging can also be part of my learning experience in SST as it allows me to share experiences and knowledge with my family and friends. Blogging also teaches me to be open and accept reviews that are either positive or negative. It also teaches us how to connect with our family and friends and strengthen our relationship with one another.

feelings and reactions!


I was confused because i did not know if i should go to SST. As it is going to be my first time going to a new secondary school i did not know whether it would be successful in the future. However, time passed and I felt that it was a good opportunity. My parents also persuaded and convinced me that i should go to the school. Now, i am happy and thankful to my family and the school for giving me this chance:D